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In August 2021, the Sports for Social Change Coalition embarked on a process of mapping 13 sports for social change organizations. The purpose of the mapping was to help the Coalition in its internal planning process, in getting to know itself, and in enhancing internal knowledge and understanding of the activities, agendas and needs of its member organizations, towards joint work.

The mapping encompassed several key aspects of the coalition member organizations, as well as the needs of the members and the potential of their joint work.

The mapping was conducted by NAS Research and Consulting.

The mapping is a important tool for Coalition members as well as partners:

  1. For Coalition members: Use research as a tool to determine: 

    • Determine the Coalition’s short and long-term goals

    • Understand community’s needs and opportunities

    • Ensure transparency among members

  2. For Funders: Use research to show funders potential collective impact by the Coalition and needs for capacity building.

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